Hitched Abroad

Hitched Abroad
Why Gibraltar is the new destination wedding hotspot

Those looking to host their own fairy tale wedding overseas should look no further than the jewel of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar. The British Overseas Territory has become a popular wedding destination due to a number of factors including ease of travel, beautiful weather, affordability and stunning venues. For those looking to book a destination wedding they’ve always dreamed of, we’ve rounded up just a few of the many reasons why Gibraltar should be at the top of the list.

No currency exchange
As Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, the pound is used meaning there is no need to change any money to use in the destination. With the current unpredictable currency fluctuations, the use of the pound when booking a wedding means there will be no unexpected surprises or hidden costs when it comes to the big day. Couples can book their venue, entertainment, caterers and more, knowing that the prices they are quoted will stay the same, taking the stress out of planning.

Mediterranean climate
Due to its geographical proximity to both Europe and Africa, Gibraltar’s climate is subtropical, with mild winters and warm summers. For those in search of perfect weather for their big day, the summer months bring that idyllic Mediterranean heat, great for an outdoor wedding, with the chance of rain very low. With temperatures soaring into the high 20s and 30s come June and July, and staying warm in spring and autumn, a wedding in Gibraltar is sure-fire way to be a hit with the guests, making the day even more special.

Stunning venues
No wedding is complete without a spectacular backdrop, and a beautiful venue for couples to cherish their special day. Gibraltar is home to a host of unique wedding venues, making it the perfect place for a bespoke wedding experience like no other. From the Sunborn Hotel, the world’s first five star superyacht hotel, to the tranquil and photogenic Alameda Botanical Gardens or even the Mons Calpe Suite, a restaurant and venue balanced right at the top of the Rock, there is no shortage of venues to suit any wedding celebration.

Great value flights from the UK
Travelling for a destination wedding can be costly, especially when flights for big groups are involved, but travel to Gibraltar is easy, efficient and affordable. With direct flight times under three hours from the UK and regular services from multiple airports with both British Airways and EasyJet, return flights start from just £31 per person. Travellers should book early to get the best deals, especially come the summer months.

No residency restrictions
When planning a destination wedding, many people worry about the legal implications, paperwork and residency restrictions that come with it. However, in Gibraltar, there is no need to stress, as those wishing to get married will only need to present to the registry office 24 hours before the marriage, and prove that they have stayed in Gibraltar overnight, allowing for less worry and more celebrations. Couples who tie the knot in Gibraltar can expect to receive their wedding certificate by mail within three weeks.

Follow in the footsteps of celebrities
Even some of the most famous Hollywood stars can testify to Gibraltar being a great location for a destination wedding. Laurence Harvey and Margaret Leighton were among the first celebrities to tie the knot in Gibraltar, with other notable stars following in their footsteps, including Sean Connery, John Lennon and Yoko Ono and Sarah Churchill. It’s easy for couples to get married like a star in Gibraltar, without the celebrity price tag.

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