Bella Donna FW22 by Liz Martinez

For centuries, Italy has been considered the birth of place of elegance, beauty and sophistication. From the days of the Roman Empire, to the Renaissance, to the birth of New Wave Italian Cinema and stars such as Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni and Federico Fellini.

Italy also personifies the quintessential modern woman – classy and innovative, timeless and contemporary, effortless and opulent. It’s no wonder Liz Martinez, Israeli couture bridal designer, has been drawn back to this place, time and time again, for its majestic style and timeless inspiration. “Bella Donna”, Martinez’s latest collection of 19 stunning bridal gowns, was inspired by and shot on location in Italy, on the shimmering shores of Lake Bolsena.
Surrounded by majestic cobble stone streets, lively piazzas, and the awe-inspiring Basilica of Saint Christina, each one of Liz Martinez’s gown tells a story – one of endless wonder, of lively playfulness, and of dazzling elegance. She’s clearly pushed the envelope and her design expertise yet again – crafting even more daring silhouettes and introducing the use of innovative laser cut leather fabrics for the very first time. Yet she still maintains her signature style: flowy sheer tulle layering, alabaster tones, and bedazzling embroidered crystals, pearls and 3D floral motifs.
From plunging necklines to off the shoulder a-symmetrical looks, each gown is supremely crafted, exquisitely elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. It captures the spirit of Italy and the essence of femininity in such an effortless way – we can’t wait to see where Liz Martinez’s inspiration takes her next.

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