Wild horses wouldn’t keep you away!

Whether you are a passionate horseperson or simply a lover of nature and wildlife, the wedding celebrations at award winning Nihi Sumba will open your eyes to the beauty of Sumba’s most famous wild residents.

You do not have to be a horse rider to appreciate the incredible power and sensitive nature of the horse. Horse connection is now widely recognised as a beneficial therapy treating corporate stress and post covid re-adjustment alike and there is nothing more calming than being immersed into the herd on your wedding day.
At NIHI Sumba, the 20 strong herd of wild horses are willing participants in all the aspects of the wedding event from the proposal all the way through to the wedding ceremony.
From a sunset ride to the initial proposal to transporting the bride and groom in style on their wedding day – they have even been known to play football on the beach with wedding reception guests.
For a pre wedding relaxation, Sandalwood Stables invite guests to take part in some peaceful yoga and mindfulness on horseback. Ideal for the bride’s party, the yoga sessions invite guests to become fully present in both the horse’s movement and their own through gentle stretching, breathing and stillness whilst connecting with the magical creature that is so well versed at channeling to this calm state of being.
The Nihi proposal package includes experiences with equal parts romance, indulgence, culture and passion. Couples are invited to ride along the famous Nihiwatu beach into the sunset where a cocktail awaits -the most breath-taking backdrop for a proposal- or they can choose a table under the stars with just the lapping of the ocean for company.
For Honeymooners looking for a truly unforgettable experience, NIHI Sumba fits the profile perfectly. The whole of NIHI Sumba is a romantic destination and offers an ideal post covid escape with miles of lush green jungle to explore with your loved one.
For a once-in-a-lifetime transformational experience, romantics are advised to spend a night at Villa Rahasia, the ultimate honeymoon villa. The only villa situated within NIHI Spa Safari’s boundaries of rolling rice fields, Rahasia allows guests to feel as if they have an entire resort unto themselves. With unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean, a plunge pool, several private dining or spa treatments, bush-cooked meals over an open fire, colourful sunsets, and plenty of nearby hiking, Villa Rahasia is a lover’s paradise.
The price starts from £3550 (minimum 3-night stay for two pax) inclusive of 21% tax with one night at Villa Rahasia and two nights at NIHI Sumba (the resort).

The proposal package includes
Sunset Horse Ride
Bottle of champagne
Private dining under the stars with fireworks
Locally handcrafted gift
The package price starts from £3000 (minimum 3-night stay for 2 pax) inclusive of 21% tax in a One Bedroom Villa entry level category.

Honeymoon Packages includes the most exceptional features for a memorable vacation which include
Nihioka Full Day Spa Safari, including a visit to the nearby village, a cliff top breakfast and lunch and a choice of 6 spa treatments
A Sunset Cruise beneath one of Indonesia’s spectacular sorbet skies for 2 hours
Romantic Dining Experience (restaurant, villa or private bale)
The package price starts from £3650 (minimum 3-night stay for two pax) inclusive of 21% tax in a One-bedroom Villa entry level category. For reservation enquiries, contact the Travel Designers team at with thanks to Ondrej Ters & Linda Bohacova

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