Drama on our doorstep

The wedding ceremony could not have been more dramatic for all the right reasons. The Callanish Stones in the Outer Hebrides is one of the oldest Neolithic Sites in the UK and was the perfect setting for our chosen wedding date of 20.02.2020.

There was a magical feeling in the air as Lucyla began her walk up the isle of stones to the inner circle where the ceremony would take place. The blue sky and sunlight bathed her beautiful dress and our photographer captured ‘The Shot’ when the Bride saw the Groom for the first time and her face lit up with her heart full of happiness, the dark skies in the background were approaching fast.
Lucyla arrived looking radiant and stunning even in the bitterly cold wind and the ceremony commenced. The Registrar was halfway through the Handfasting Marriage vows when the heavens opened to unleash a dramatic hail storm along with thunder and accompanying gale force wind. As they say every picture tells a story and ours is no exception but amidst all the drama, which was like a scene from ‘Outlander’, we were both lost in the moment when time stood still.
Who knows, perhaps the stones with their powerful energy and presence couldn’t help but make themselves heard as they were certainly a vocal part of our wedding day not just for us but for the thousands of well wishes globally after some of the pics went viral on the internet. Getting married at the Callanish Stones in February is not for the faint hearted but we can honestly say our wedding day exceeded every expectation and we were blessed with the most amazing experience which our hearts will never forget.

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