City of Angels – MUSE by Berta

City of Angels – Intricately detailed with edgy silhouettes make up the 2019 MUSE by Berta ‘City of Angels’ collection.

We learn time and time again just why the Muse by Berta line is quickly becoming the most sought-after in the bridal industry.
Shot in the illuminating Beverly Hills, the MUSE ad campaign showcases what all of this collection is about. The upscale shopping streets of Rodeo Drive and rawness of the Beverly Hills streets are the perfect backdrop for such extravagant dresses. Here we see how much the fabric really tells the story. The soft, flowy essence of this MUSE collection creates an illusion of quiet glamour in touch with the city life.
A love story of the contradiction between effortless styling and the busy city streets. A special, soft beauty that takes elements from more elaborate gowns and simplifies them into a bit of an understated look. This new MUSE by Berta collection is about to take the bridal industry by storm. Adding a freshness that is unique and special, by the one and only mastermind behind it all, Berta.


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